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Our Projects

Here are some works we are proud of.
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Custom EHR System
The client's requirement was to develop a comprehensive EHR System to automate patient registration tasks, secure storage and easily manage medical data and increase efficiency.The end EHR allows to manage patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. Custom product is integrated with imaging system for seamless storage, retrieval, and analysis of medical images. All the features was customized to align with client specific procedures and workflows, improving accuracy and productivity.
Tailored Hospital Information System (HIS)
Our client is a private healthcare organization with multiple departments, including outpatient clinic, inpatient wards, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. We created integrated solution for their management. The HIS includes a centralized patient management module, that enables seamless registration and appointment scheduling, management functionalities, including inventory control and financial management module that automates billing, invoicing, and revenue management. The tailored HIS enables seamless integration with external systems and EHR. By implementing HIS It our client streamlined workflows, enhanced patient care and optimized resource management.
Online Medicine Platform
A mobile marketplace based on location allows users to find the nearest pharmacies on the map, order medicines with home delivery. It only takes a few clicks to get the appropriate medical product. The user can select or upload a photo of the recipe and send it through the app. In addition, the app has an online payment function, which speeds up the delivery process.
Cephalometric Analysis & Dental Imaging System
Our client is Medical Software Provider, which wanted to develop a game-changing cloud-based software system designed to transform the way orthodontists and dentists conduct cephalometric analyses and manage dental imaging. We created a user-friendly platform that offers accurate analysis, convenient image storage, and on-demand patient records. Images, X-rays, treatment plans and worksheets are made available 24/7, simply and easily from any location and in real-time with a secure login. Ideal for multiple practices, remote access, and optional consultations, this product revolutionizes the healthcare IT landscape. Our solution allows to streamline workflows, enhance diagnoses, and optimize patient care.
Doctor Booking And Telemedicine App
The project is an app that allows users to easily connect with doctors by booking doctor appointments, online doctor consultations and storing detailed digital medical records. Moreover, patients can get quick consultation with the video call feature. This app helps not only patients, but it allows clinical care staff to virtually coordinate with patients while reducing administrative burden. The client received an app that automated the work of the medical institution and allowed physicians to focus on improving the quality of health care, rather than on routine tasks.
Livestock Inventory and Breeding Software
Our client asked us to develop a software solution for convenient livestock tracking and breeding management. Accordingly, we developed a platform that makes it easy to keep track of livestock, prepare reports and plan the purchase or sale of animals. The solution includes functionality to control the breeding process: preparation of pedigrees and genealogies, information on pregnancy, fertility history, etc. for the entire herd. The software solution has integration of livestock auction systems with custom platforms to provide information to sellers.
Livestock Health Management Software
The client's requirement was to develop a platform to monitor the health status of livestock in real time and, based on this, to prevent possible outbreaks of infections. We developed artificial intelligence-based technology that automatically analyzes and evaluates photos, identifying various animal diagnoses and generating consultation on actions to be taken. In addition, the software solution included data collection for veterinary and production analysis, telemedicine functions, digital veterinary checkups, and livestock equipment management solutions.
Irrigation Planning Solution
The client's request was to create soil monitoring and analysis systems for irrigation planning to improve soil fertility and increase crop yields. We developed drone software that allows us to create accurate yield, crop and environmental tracking maps based on photo analysis. In addition, the solution included sensor controller software that provides information on changes in temperature, humidity and other soil and environmental indicators. This information allows judgment of field conditions and decisions about irrigation operations to improve yields across the farm.
Farm Management Software
Our client requested farm management software that allows farmers to optimize workflows, control crops, livestock, farm equipment and other facilities in real time, thereby increasing yields and reducing costs. As a result of work on the tasks we got a platform with a user-friendly interface and features enabling comprehensive analysis and planning of activities on the farm based on the monitoring of the state of labor resources, agricultural facilities and environmental conditions. We have achieved a high performance, functionality and stability of the software solution, allowing farmers to implement a comprehensive approach to farm management.
Aquaculture Management Software
We developed a software solution for our client that allows the monitoring, control and management of aquafarms based on the integration of real-time data from sensors and surveillance cameras throughout the aquafarm. The product allows the control of water parameters such as temperature, oxygen, salinity, etc. The solution automates oxygen supply processes, estimates fish size and weight, and optimizes feeding to monitor fish health indicators and improve production.
Multi-Functional Real Estate Marketplace App
The application was developed for a large real estate company to unite tenants, landlords, agents and simplify communication between them. The solution allows tenants to view all information about houses and apartments, landlords can add new properties. Agents can track and manage processes, landlord and tenant relationships. In addition, administrators have access to information about all clients, their contacts, and can create customized reports to analyze performance.
Real Estate CRM Software
A real estate agency approached us with a request to develop a CRM system for them. The client wanted a product that would have stable integration with cloud systems and the ability to perform analytics using artificial intelligence. Through this system it is possible to control accounting, track the status of customer orders, forecast profits and monitor the relevance of the data received. The solution made it possible to systematize all information and significantly optimize the agency's work processes.
Application Development for Real Estate Agency
We were approached by a real estate agency with a request to develop an app that could be used to create panoramic photos of interiors to create listings on a rental website. We created an application that can capture panoramic images using a smartphone (IOS & Android) and, using AI algorithms, make a 3D panorama of the interior from them. The resulting image can be viewed also through the built-in gyroscope. As a result, ads with panoramic photos were viewed 21% more often, which led to a 10% increase in orders.
Property Management Software
We were approached by a client with a request to develop property management software. The request was to develop a solution that would have user-friendly versions for both the landlord and his tenants. During the development process we came to the conclusion that it would be much more efficient to create one platform that could be used by both the owner and the clients. As a result, we created a software where you can conveniently switch between owner and client mode. The functionality of the solution for owners includes property tracking, price management, payment transactions, communication with clients, and reporting. Tenants can communicate with the owner, track rental status, make payments, and leave requests to resolve issues that may arise during the operation of the space. The software has enabled effective communication between the landlord and its tenants and fully digitalized work operations.
HOA Management
We were approached by a private company to develop software that could be used to quickly manage HOA operations. As a result, we developed a platform with a pleasant, intuitive interface and high performance that fully satisfied the client's request. The software includes a financial and accounting system, a reliable payment and request processing system. We connected a module for managing the tenant database, as well as a messaging and reporting system. We were able to achieve stable synchronization with the cloud so that data could be accessed from any device around the clock. The system helped to optimize HOA workflows and establish effective management.
A Mixed Reality Software for a Real Estate Agency
A real estate agency approached us with a request to develop a solution that would allow clients to view houses and premises in 3D from any angle. As a result, we developed a software that allows the creation of 3D models of houses that can be viewed also on a VR helmet. The ability to rotate, zoom, and explore 3D models of a space in detail greatly enhanced the user experience and the company's impression. Through sophisticated 3D visualization, compatibility with virtual reality helmets, interactive controls, and the use of advanced development tools, the software has enabled the client to increase customer engagement, gain a competitive advantage, and significantly increase orders.
Tailored Real Estate ERP Software
Our client, Real Estate Company, faced challenges with disjointed systems, and difficulty in tracking and organizing property information. Incoordination of data has led to the inability to make effective decisions. Our custom ERP solution seamlessly integrates modules for property management, sales and leasing, CRM, financials, reporting, recruitment, training & onboarding, and accounting of agents' expenses. This comprehensive ERP system streamlines operations, enables efficient property tracking, automates lease management, centralizes customer data, optimizes agent management, and enhances financial control. With tailored workflows and advanced features, the Real Estate Company achieved greater productivity, competitive advantage, and improved decision-making capabilities.
Property Management System for Hotel
We developed a property management system that met the specific needs of the client, which could not be addressed by existing solutions. The software had a wide range of functionalities and required integration with external systems. After identifying the client's needs, we developed a platform with the following front desk and back office functionality: reservation management, availability calendars, notes and alerts, housekeeping management, rate management, billing and invoicing, guest management, staff management, vendor management, analytics and reporting. We integrated the solution with the booking engine and central reservation system, global distribution systems (GDS), channel manager, CRM, and accounting software. The system accelerated and facilitated the booking and guest registration processes, automated billing and invoicing processes, optimized financial operations, simplified rates and inventory management, improved work planning and customer service quality, and made the decision-making process more accurate with built-in analytics and reporting. The hotel property management system we developed fully met the client's needs and led to a tangible improvement in their business performance.
Hotel CRM Development
We developed a CRM system for one of our clients in the hospitality industry. They sought a comprehensive solution that would empower them to understand and engage with their guests more effectively, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Based on the results of gathering the client's requirements, we developed a solution with the following functionality: segmentation, personalization and profiling of guests, automation of Email and SMS marketing, loyalty management functions, and reporting. In addition, we have engineered integration with PMS for seamless operations and data sharing. We have implemented robust security features in our CRM solution to ensure maximum confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. The CRM system developed allows for extensive customization options, ensuring it is fully aligned with the hotel's operations and brand. From custom fields and workflows to personalized dashboards and reports, the solution adapts to specific processes and requirements, ensuring a tailored approach. The CRM system we developed for our client enabled them to increase guest engagement, personalization, and optimize revenue while ensuring the security and privacy of guest data.
Travel Portal Development
We were approached by a startup company with a request to develop a full-featured travel portal. Their goal was to create a platform that connects users and various travel services, including searching and booking flight tickets, hotels, tour packages, travel activities, and car rentals. The company aimed to provide users with a convenient and reliable way to plan and book their travels. Our goals were to ensure the scalability and reliability of the system, to create a user-friendly interface, to implement functionality that allows users to find the best offers for the searched requests, and to ensure the security and privacy of user data. During the project development, we designed the system taking into account modularity and integration of various services, developed API-interfaces for integration with external service providers, tested and optimized the system, developed an intuitive user interface that provides easy navigation through the platform, as well as implemented reliable authentication and authorization mechanisms, applied modern methods of data encryption to ensure security and confidentiality. As a result, the client received a fully functional travel portal. The developed solution was well received by users, resulting in good sales volumes.
Travel Agency Software
A travel agency approached our company with a request to develop a comprehensive software solution that would optimize its work, improve the quality of customer service, and increase overall efficiency. The challenge was to create a user-friendly platform with extensive functionality specifically designed for the agency's internal staff. The output of the solution included modules for booking management, customer relationship management, marketing management, financial operations, reporting and analytics, and administrative tools. We developed software to integrate and manage data from various internal systems, providing a centralized platform for agency staff to efficiently access and update information. This eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduced errors. Automation features and streamlined workflows have greatly improved employee productivity. Integrated reporting and analytics tools provide real-time information on various aspects of the agency's activities. This enabled data-driven decision-making, identification of areas for improvement, and proactive management of resources.
Booking Engine for Hotel
The client, a luxury hotel owner, needed an efficient booking system. They relied on manual processes, causing delays, errors, and a lack of real-time data. They approached us to develop a user-friendly booking engine that integrates with their existing systems. The team designed the solution, including the architecture, database, user interface, and integration points. The booking engine seamlessly integrated with the hotel's PMS, CRM, Channel Manager, and other systems, ensuring data synchronization and minimizing disruption. Our UX/UI designers created an intuitive interface for guests to book rooms and explore services. The solution features a synchronized calendar that allows you to conveniently check room availability. In addition, the system supports multiple languages and currencies. After extensive testing and quality assurance, the booking engine was deployed on a secure server infrastructure. The solution improved the booking process, guest experience, revenue, and occupancy. The integration provided real-time data, reports, and insights for informed decision-making.
Online Hotel Booking
Our team took on the challenge of creating an Online Travel Agency (OTA) Hotel Booking Portal, tailored to meet the specific needs of OTA services. Our client needed to streamline the hotel booking process, improving user experience, and increasing conversion rates. Our solution included key features such as a user-friendly interface, real-time hotel availability and pricing updates, secure payment gateways, and a comprehensive search and filter system. By implementing this system, our client got a significant reduction in booking errors, faster booking completion times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Ultimately, the hotel booking portal became a reliable and efficient platform, leading to increased bookings, revenue growth, and a stronger market presence in the highly competitive travel industry.
Restaurant Food Delivery
The restaurant owner turned to a technology solution that would allow customers to order their favorite food from the restaurant, selecting convenient delivery and pickup options, and doing it online. We developed a web-based application where we placed menus, added ordering features, order histories, payment methods, order readiness and delivery tracking, and the ability to schedule orders several days in advance. The resulting branded solution fully reflects the unique style of the restaurant, and the interface provides a smooth, pleasant ordering experience for guests. This has increased client loyalty, attracted new ones, and keeps them coming back again and again.
Food Manufacturing ERP Software
The customer in the food industry required ERP software for raw material tracking to ensure the required production schedule and to eliminate ingredient stock-outs and spoilage, as well as to have a traceability function in the production system. The final ERP system allows for raw material scheduling as well as detecting problems in case of rejections in batches, thus saving time and resources. The new software has been customized to the client's specific production processes, increasing productivity and safety.
Web & Mobile Adapted Food Delivery Platform
The customer requested to develop a service for home food delivery. The essence of this service is that an online customer can order everything he needs on one platform. We developed a web application, which is also adapted for mobile version. It works as follows: the buyer needs to create an account and recharge, add items to the cart, place an order, then the delivery person nearby receives the order and picks it up. The most challenging part of our work was creating the backend interaction with external services like Squidex and Firebase. By implementing a business data flow, we built a special type of layer between the frontend and these services.
Grocery Delivery App
The store chain came up with the idea of creating a personal mobile application where orders could be placed. An important point was to link the app with the store's existing systems, such as POS, delivery, and payments. As a result, we developed a full-fledged application for iOS and Android, connecting the necessary systems together, as well as adding additional functions such as scheduling, tracking. Before implementing this project, the client had already had experience with the relevant aggregators, but it was the app that helped maximize both customer satisfaction and the profitability of the business.
Food Distribution Business Platform
Our client's request was to develop a web platform that would connect food distributors with businesses that need to buy food and beverages. Before starting the work, the required functionality of the platform was detailed like order tracking, payment, security check, etc. To implement the idea, and the possibility of further scaling, we used PHP framework, it allowed us to create a secure, flexible, high-performance web application. A year after the launch of the project, the number of users of the platform is approaching 6,000, we continue to stay in touch and provide further support.
Custom POS System Development
A retail company approached us with the task of developing a cloud based POS system. Existing solutions were not suitable for the client due to limited functionality, scalability, and integration difficulties. We built a POS system from scratch that was fully customized to meet the unique requirements of the client's business. The new system has an intuitive interface, and a wide range of features including inventory management, real-time sales reporting, CRM tools, promotional offers, and integration with loyalty programs. The development used robust architecture and optimized database management to ensure smooth operation even during peak hours. The POS system was seamlessly integrated with the customer's ERP system, allowing automatic data synchronization and reduced manual operations. The solution provides real-time sales reports, inventory updates, and customer information, enabling data-driven decision-making. The solution was designed with the future growth and technological advancements of the client's company in mind, ensuring its long-term viability and flexibility.
Fashion Online Store
The customer from the fashion sector, successfully sold goods through the site built on the constructor, but due to increasing traffic, there were failures in the work of the site. Our task was to develop a powerful backend with the possibility of further scaling. To realize the idea, we used a combination of Angular and NodeJS frameworks, which allows to make the eCommerce platform more scalable, flexible and highly available. As a result, we built the online store with a distinctive intuitive interface, product catalogs with filters, and payment system integration. Now the client's online store already has about 30 thousand monthly visitors and is successfully operating and consistently demonstrating stable work.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Development & Implementation
A client from a retail company encountered several challenges while exploring off-the-shelf SCM solutions. The existing programs proved cumbersome for their workforce due to an overwhelming array of unnecessary functions and a lack of integration with CRM and POS systems. To address these concerns, we designed a tailored SCM solution that encompasses essential functionalities for all departments. Our solution includes Order Management, Demand Forecasting and Planning based on historical data, Simplified inventory management, Supplier Management with invoicing capabilities, and Transportation Management. Our SCM system empowered employees across different departments to navigate seamlessly and execute their tasks with ease. By custom solution, our client enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making.
AR Fitting Room For Online Kids Store
We were approached by the owner of a chain of children's clothing stores with a request to develop mobile applications (iOS/Android) that would allow online fitting of clothes. To meet this challenge, we leveraged augmented reality (AR) technology, enabling parents to view clothing items in real-time by simply pointing their camera at their child. The final outcome was a user-friendly app for iOS and Android that seamlessly integrated the store's catalog. Parents could easily try on clothes for their children from the comfort of their homes and add their favorite items to the cart for purchase. The AR technology provided a realistic visualization of how the clothing would look and fit, allowing parents to make more confident purchasing decisions. The feedback we received from users has been overwhelmingly positive. The implementation of our app has significantly benefited the client's business. The feedback and data provided by the client indicate increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and a boost in sales.
ERP for Online Cosmetics Store
We successfully developed a custom ERP solution for the E-commerce Cosmetics Distributor to solve the problem of delays with orders and difficulties with calculating commissions for sales consultants. The ERP system enables efficient regulation of workflows, online tracking and timely replenishment of storages, and effective management of the sales managers' bonus system. It incorporates three types of commission for sales managers, fostering competition through a leader board. The ERP solution facilitates streamlined communication between sales managers and the storage team, ensuring quick order fulfillment. Additionally, the Running Low Inventory feature provides notifications on top-requested goods that are running low, allowing proactive inventory management. With our tailored ERP solution, the distributor experiences improved employee productivity, enhanced order fulfillment speed, and optimized inventory control, enabling them to thrive in the competitive cosmetics industry.
Information Products Marketplace
The client came to us with a request to create a unified educational platform with the functions of a marketplace, which would include a modern user-friendly interface, various payment methods and a set of marketing tools. As a result, we developed from scratch an innovative eCommerce platform, Marketplace, incorporating the functionality of an educational platform and strong marketing tools. The client's business platform is now - a powerful platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface combined with an excellent navigation system, an intelligent, user-oriented product search system - customers can find the right product on the platform in seconds, worldwide payment processing - integration with various payment systems (Venmo, PayPal).
Surgeon VR Simulator
We were approached by a private medical institution to create a surgical training simulator for students. As a result, we developed sophisticated software to simulate patient injuries in virtual reality. Thanks to our design, students can improve their skills in a dynamic and realistic environment while receiving quality feedback. This innovative tool offers many benefits, including enhanced experiential learning, extensive practice opportunities, and critical decision-making training. To begin training, the user only needs a virtual reality headset and a desktop PC. Our system closely monitors the trainee's ability to identify injuries and measures their reaction time to critical interventions. This allows users to practice and refine advanced trauma care skills, gain invaluable experience, and repeatedly receive constructive feedback.
VR Simulator for Training Welders
A vocational training organization specializing in welding techniques challenged us to develop software to improve the way welders are trained. We created an interactive learning experience for aspiring welders using VR/AR technology. Trainees could simulate various welding scenarios and practice their skills in a virtual environment that closely resembled real-world conditions. The seamless integration of visual, auditory, and haptic feedback enhanced the authenticity of the experience, allowing trainees to develop their techniques and gain confidence in their abilities. Trainees could access step-by-step tutorials, interactive modules, and 3D models of welding equipment. Real-time feedback and performance analysis helped them identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time. The ability to practice in a virtual setting reduced the need for physical materials, minimizing costs and environmental impact. The feedback we received from the customer and trainees was overwhelmingly positive. The organization reported improved training outcomes, with trainees demonstrating higher proficiency levels and reduced error rates.
Enterprise LMS Software Development
We were approached by a large American company selling construction and finishing materials. The client's request was to develop software for an enterprise learning management system that allows flexible management of learning content, the process of training and testing of employees. The solution had to implement a plan to systematize the training process for sales specialists, as well as to create a corporate database of learning materials to ensure the continuous acquisition of knowledge by employees. As a result, we developed a platform that supports various types of content, allowing step-by-step progression through the training plan with the ability to modify it flexibly. The solution also included the ability to automatically generate reports and test employees to monitor their mastery of the courses. In addition, the software included a digital library of learning content, artificial intelligence-based customization of learning content and resources, and more.
e-Learning Portal Development for Psychologists
Our client approached us with the idea of creating an e-learning portal for psychologists. The portal should be a professional online environment for further training, by learning new psychological techniques and sharing experiences between professionals. As a result, we developed a platform that allows learners to store and access all materials related to training (courses, assignments, exams, etc.), choose individual training plans, depending on the current experience and profiling of the specialist. In addition, the portal realizes the function of social learning by introducing discussion boards, a chat room, and a forum where psychologists can discuss professional issues and share knowledge.
Student Information System (SIS) Software Development
Our experience includes the development of a student information system that solves a number of problems related to student data management. The platform we have developed allows us to store contact information, medical, disciplinary and academic data of students. The software solution provides convenient management of all student documentation, financial accounting, registration and enrollment control, schedule planning, preparation of customized reports and much more. The solution we have developed provides complete systematization of student data, which greatly facilitates administrative work and improves the work processes of the educational institution.
Piano Teaching m-Learning Application Development
Our client approached us with the idea of developing a mobile learning application for piano lessons. The solution was to fulfill the client's vision of creating a mobile music school that the user can access anytime, anywhere. The mobile application we developed included a large database of multi-genre pieces of varying complexity, training in musical literacy, chords, correct technique and much more. The solution allows you to choose a course depending on the user's level of skill, which ensures the selection of materials of appropriate complexity. The application takes into account the user's interests and preferences in music and makes personalized recommendations on pieces for exercises. In addition, the solution is equipped with a feature that corrects mistakes by listening to the student's playing through a microphone. As a result, we were able to develop a productive, professional and user-friendly learning mobile application suitable for teaching piano to beginners and advanced users alike.
Content Authoring Software Development
Our client asked us to develop a content authoring software for creating authoring training content for their business. The solution had to facilitate and speed up the process of preparing learning materials, as well as the visual component for them. The sofrware we developed included the ability to quickly create a large amount of interactive content and features for its personalization. In addition, the solution enables collaboration with colleagues when creating content, allowing them to share materials, leave comments on changes, and work out the content and design of materials. The software makes it easy to adapt and improve current content and quickly exparte it in the LMS. Our development has greatly facilitated the process of preparing learning materials and optimized corporate training.
Banking Software
We were approached by a US bank with a request to develop a mobile banking application (IOS/Android). Our task was to develop a multifunctional client-oriented solution that would allow to perform a wide range of operations through the use of the application. The final version of the solution included the following functionality: balance check, account management, credit management, money transfers, currency exchange, geo-search of ATMs, self-service points, bank branches and many others. The product had high security requirements, so we implemented a two-step authentication system. The result of our work was an application that combines multifunctionality, high performance, user-friendly interface and strong information security.
Online Banking App
Online banking app allows users to manage their financial life in one app. Users can track bills and account balances, transfer money, monitor payment history, manage investments and analyze their income and expenses using the reports provided in the app. Besides, the app has the function of creating customized templates for sending payments quickly. The app also allows users to quickly order a new card or open a new account. Bank customers can also ask a question to the support service in the chat. Customers can keep all of their bank accounts in one place and make transfers with just a few taps.
Investment Portfolio Management
Our client's order was to develop investment portfolio management software that allows flexible user customizations for detailed portfolio analysis. The software solution included the opportunity to adjust the portfolio to investment goals and objectives, real-time accounting of assets and changes in their value, investment accounting, risk management and asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing monitoring, budget planning functions, functions providing detailed and comprehensive reporting on the portfolio status and more. The investment portfolio software developed by us collects all relevant information for extensive analysis and provides tools for informed decision making.
Invoices Management System
Our company was approached with a request to develop custom invoice management software with flexible customization options tailored to the client's business specifics, which would simplify and automate invoicing and payment monitoring operations. As a result, we managed to achieve a productive software solution that allows to automatically create personalized invoices, track invoice and payment statuses, send invoice payment reminders to clients, create invoices in different languages, work with multi-currency payments, create reports and much more.
Insurance Document Management System
Our experience includes the creation of insurance document management software. We developed a platform that enabled our client's company to transition to online document management, allowing insurers to focus on customer service instead of routine paperwork. The software solution enables clients to sign documents digitally from any location and device, which significantly speeds up the process of operations. The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy to find the necessary documents, which increases the speed and flexibility of workflows. The software solution is also equipped with all necessary cybersecurity methods, which ensures the protection of documents. In addition, the API allows the system to be integrated with existing tools.
Tax Preparation Software
A large American company ordered us to develop specialized software for tax preparation. It was required that the solution should include all the necessary functions and features to quickly and conveniently prepare tax forms relevant to the company and minimize possible errors. As a result, we created a multifunctional platform that allows for convenient preparation of all necessary types of tax forms, automation of calculations, identification of possible errors, as well as preparation of payment plans and scenarios for different tax policy options. In addition, the system is equipped with a tax analyzer that provides relevant recommendations on how to ensure compliance with one's obligations and avoid errors.
Insurance Web-Based Platform
One insurance company, which focuses on small businesses, approached us with a request for a complete overhaul of its outdated infrastructure. Due to the growth of their business, they decided to create a convenient web-based platform for working with clients by integrating many applications already in operation. As a result, we successfully implemented the new system of work into the company's business process, paying special attention to the security and speed of the platform, which is especially important in the insurance industry. Thanks to our fruitful cooperation, the client was able to explore new directions in technology and we continue to go further together.
Tailored CRM Software
Our client, who provides insurance services, had a problem with their CRM in use. There were difficulties in keeping track of all the data, glitches and difficulty in customizing the software solution. Our fully custom CRM solution solved the problems of previous program failures, data loss, and the ability to organize all claims, automate the assignment of the right people, and manage policies in one place. The powerful functionality of our insurance CRM solution allows agents to focus on better customer satisfaction, close deals and build long-term relationships with clients by automating their monotonous activities like reminders and record keeping. With customized workflows and enhanced capabilities, the insurance company has achieved increased productivity, competitive advantage and improved decision-making capabilities.
Insurance Marketplace
The client came up with the idea of a complete online transition in the insurance industry. The main goal was to develop a platform that would unite all participants in insurance: customers, brokers and insurance company. Our solution was to develop a web-based application that is available on any device, including mobile. This platform is a marketplace of insurance services, where all types of insurance are presented (health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc.) and we also implemented such features as customization of filters, comparison and recommendations based on AI, online payments, etc. The client is now successfully promoting its platform, as well as attracting new insurance service providers.
Payments Solution for Insurance
Our insurance client needed a new payment solution. It was necessary to implement from scratch a service for invoicing and organize the possibility of direct payment, and to take into account all the specifics of the client's company. As a result, we managed to organize a payment system for the customer's business, which is as clear and easy to use as possible, where it is possible to form individual invoices, to pay in different ways. In realizing this goal, we implemented advanced security practices such as access control, encryption and regular security audits to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This has helped build customer trust and confidence in the organization's commitment to providing customer-centric services.
Air Freight Management System
The client used a ready-made low-code solution, which completely did not meet the company's goals and led to the missing deadlines and budget increasing. The management did not have time for the strategic development of the company to grow and scale. Our solution is comprehensive custom resource planning system. Key functionalities include Shipment Tracking, Route Optimization, Customs Compliance, Warehouse Management, Financials, and Reporting. By automating processes, optimizing routes, and facilitating customs compliance, the ERP solution enhanced operational efficiency, minimized errors, and reduced costs. The process has become transparent for management, it has become easy to control using one comprehensive system.
Request & Pay Taxi App
The app allows users to look for and order taxi near them, know the average cost of the ride, and track the arrival of the taxi on the map. The functionality also includes ordering the designated driver services and delivery services. In addition, users have access to all information about the driver and vehicle. The app has the ability to add reviews to the driver's info card.
Fleet Management Software Development
Our experience includes developing fleet management software. Our team of developers worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and workflows, and developed a customized solution to optimize operations, increase safety, and minimize costs. It includes key features such as real-time GPS tracking, fleet asset tracking, vehicle lifecycle management, reporting, fuel management system, and maintenance planning. We conducted a thorough analysis of existing solutions on the market and identified their shortcomings. Then we started creating innovative functional capabilities that would meet our client's needs. As a result, our development allowed the client to significantly increase the efficiency of their workflows, reduce costs, improve customer service quality, and enhance safety. Our team has extensive experience in developing specialized fleet management systems for businesses in various industries, including transportation, logistics, and service. If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop custom software solutions for your business, consider us.
Car Rental Management Software
A car rental company needed a custom software solution to automate their rental management process and improve their operational efficiency. The software needed to be user-friendly, secure, and scalable to accommodate the client's growing business needs. The development team analyzed the client's existing rental management process and identified areas for improvement. They developed specialized car rental management software that simplified the rental management process and improved employee performance. The software includes a user-friendly dashboard that allows employees to easily manage reservations, track vehicle availability, and generate reports. In addition, the software includes a secure payment gateway and integration with the customer's accounting software, making it easy to track and manage rental payments. The new software was well received by the client's employees, who found it easy to use and efficient. The client was able to automate the rental management process, reduce the time and effort required to manage reservations, and increase operational efficiency. The software has also helped the client increase revenue by reducing the time between car return and rental, reducing the risk of overbooking, and improving the overall rental experience.
Carpooling App Development
The client approached us to develop a carpooling app that offers an economical, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation option. The app needed to allow users to find and join rides with others going in the same direction. Safety features such as driver background checks, user ratings, and secure payment processing were also required. Our team developed the UI and UX, focusing on ease of use and accessibility. We utilized modern design and intuitive navigation to make finding and joining rides easy for users. The backend was developed using the latest technologies to ensure scalability, security, and performance. Features like real-time companion matching, location tracking, and payment processing were implemented for a convenient and efficient user experience. Security measures such as driver background checks, user ratings, and in-app messaging were integrated to increase trust and ensure safety. The Carpooling app was successfully launched and received favorable user and customer feedback, making a positive impact on the business and the environment.
Advanced Warehouse Planning Module for Wholesaler
After our client's business expansion, they faced the challenge of increasing warehouse rental costs due to inefficient space utilization. Additionally, order processing times were significantly impacted by delays in accessing products. To address these issues, we developed a cutting-edge SCM system tailored to their needs. Bespoke SCM system empowers effective inventory management, warehouse layout with 3D visualization, and seamless order processing. Leveraging demand analysis and forecasting capabilities, goods placement within the warehouse can be strategically planned in advance. Furthermore, our logistics & transportation module enables route creation, carrier selection and real-time shipment tracking. By automating processes, we successfully reduced warehouse rental costs by 20% and transportation expenses by 10%.
Logistics Solution Modernization and AI Implementation
Our client from the construction industry came in with a request to modernize an existing logistics solution. It was used for internal purposes by the staff (management and distribution of materials, products in warehouses). Due to the scaling of the business, it became necessary to scale the software as well, and this is where the difficulties arose. To solve the scalability problem, we moved to a new cloud platform and added new features: route optimization, delivery forecasting, anomaly detection, document processing, AI data analysis and others. As a result, the client received a modernized and scalable platform and a number of other benefits such as automated document management, inventory management optimization (efficient planning, cost and downtime reduction), scrap detection, real-time delivery tracking and more.
Supply Chain Management System for 3PL Provider
In the logistics industry, 3PL providers often face challenges due to fragmented and poorly integrated systems, resulting in a lack of transparency across processes. To address this, one of our clients requested a comprehensive solution to gain control over every stage of their supply chain. Through custom software development, we delivered a robust system that enables efficient management of inventory and warehouse operations. The software facilitates seamless communication with customers and carriers, simplifies route planning and tracking, securely stores order data, automates invoicing, and generates insightful reports. By unifying disparate systems, we accelerated order processing, enhanced transparency, and empowered our client to effectively manage each step of their supply chain.
Cloud SCM for Railroad Company
Our client, a cargo railway company, faced a critical challenge of reducing customer satisfaction due to length order processing and a lack of transparency in the delivery process. To address these issues, we developed a custom cloud-based SCM system. Cloud SCM features a robust suite of modules designed specifically for our client, including an Order Management Module for faster order fulfillment, Warehouse Management with real-time visibility into inventory levels, Load Planning, Route Optimization and Scheduling considering various factors, and a Real-time Shipment Tracking and Visibility Module for customers to track their orders and receive updates. The custom SCM solution became a strategic investment, enabling the company to scale operations and process 30% more orders.
Custom ERP for the US Furniture Manufacturer
Our client used a ready-made ERP system that did not fully meet his specific requirements. This has led to inefficient production planning, poor inventory management, and limited scaling capabilities. We created comprehensive solution designed to optimize their operations. It consisted of modules such as Sales, Production, Procurement, and Inventory. The Sales module manager customer orders, pricing, and customization, while the Production module facilitated efficient planning and scheduling. The Procurement module streamlined supplier management and purchase orders, and the Inventory module provided real-time visibility and tracking. The ERP system improved production efficiency, streamlined order fulfillment, optimized inventory control, and enhanced financial management, resulting in increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.
ERP for Plastic Packaging Manufacturer
Our custom ERP solution for Plastic Packaging Manufacturer was designed to address their unique requirements and to solve the problem of data loss. It included key functionalities such as Production Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Advanced Finance Module. These features enabled streamlined production processes, efficient order tracking, optimized inventory control, and accurate financial management tailored to their specific needs. With our custom ERP solution, the manufacturer achieved increased operational efficiency, improved order fulfillment, enhanced inventory accuracy, and better financial visibility. Our tailored solution empowered the company to effectively manage their manufacturing operations, streamline processes, and achieve their business goals in the competitive packaging industry.
Tailored Manufacturing Software Solution
Our manufacturing, equipment repair and maintenance customer came in with a request to optimize core business processes through technology. We developed specialized software tailored to the client's specifics. Thanks to the developed software, we managed to improve business performance by implementing management functions for the management, forecasting tools, a user-friendly KPI dashboard, electronic document management, progress monitoring, auditing and much more. This allowed the client to improve the quality of work, and start scaling the business in a new way.
Business Intelligence (BI) Solution for Manufacturing Company
In business, there is a large volume of documents that need to be created, constantly duplicated, re-signed, transferred, archived, stored. In manufacturing, the document turnover is huge. Our customer decided to completely switch to electronic document management and we helped him to do all of this. Our goal was to automate all processes related to reporting and workflow. We developed a system that allows not only to create reports in minutes, transport them, but also introduce the ability to automatically analyze incoming data. Utilizing BI technologies, we gained key features such as unified cloud storage, dashboards, data storytelling, automatic data transformation, and data reporting. This is just a part of the manufacturing modernization, but one that has already saved the client up to 40 hours of document management time.
B2B Online Store for Equipment Selling
Our client, a B2B company, specializes in selling a wide range of industrial, warehouse, and office equipment, totaling over 70,000 items to meet various business needs. The main goal of the project was to optimize their operations through a new online store. Developing the store from scratch, we seamlessly transferred all existing data to the new platform and addressed the issue of an outdated desktop website. This was replaced with a convenient React-based web application, ensuring smooth navigation and swift access to products. Additionally, we optimized transactions by implementing secure payment methods and real-time customer support functions, enhancing customer satisfaction. The new platform has expanded the market reach and enabled our client to outshine their competition.
Web Booking Platform for Sports Clubs
The client, which operates several dozen sports clubs across the state, recognized the need to scale up its business and address numerous errors in the administration office. In order to attract new clients and prioritize customer focus, they approached us to implement online booking and online purchase of club memberships. As a result, we developed a user-friendly web-based application that enables users to select a nearby club, choose a fitness program, select a class time, and either book a spot or purchase a membership directly. This solution not only helped our client stand out in the fitness industry but also led to a remarkable average increase of 20% in club attendance.
CRM for Funeral Business
The software was developed for the staff members of a funeral company to simplify and accelerate the process of communication with the clients. With the help of the CRM system, the managers could more efficiently process the applications and information about the cases, make and monitor the invoices. The use of the CRM system enhanced the effectiveness of working processes in the company and provided extra time and resources for serving more clients.
VR 3D Shooting Game
We were approached by a game studio to develop a classic action game set in the Wild West. After careful designing, we created a first-person shooter in the Western style. The game uses two gamepads as weapons. Working on the project we used ready-made three-dimensional models and developed the basic logic of artificial intelligence. In addition, we added level architecture and spawn points to maximize the fluidity of the interface. To extend the possibilities of the game, we introduced attack waves of different difficulty levels. As a result, the game received positive feedback from gamers. The outcome fully satisfied the customer's request.
Video Content Aggregator App
Video content aggregator app has a convenient search option that combines data from different sources into a single data base. It helps users find and watch any movie, TV show or sporting event from streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+ and more. The service also provides complete pricing information for each option. Besides, the app has the function of duplicating the screen and broadcasting content from mobile devices to the TV.
Home Diet & Fitness Tracker App
App for tracking home diet and fitness, which can help manage the user's daily nutrition diary, track activity and lose weight successfully. The app also allows you to take into account and analyze the calories consumed, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Everything you need for fitness is combined into one convenient app.

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